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CALEM | 2014   publications

    CALEM 2014  |  Programs & Timetables

JOHANNESBURG - SA  (21st - 27th January)  
GIN-SSOGGIE annual main international interfaith Colloquium with more than 70 participants from several faiths and all continents (Global Interfaith Network for Sexe, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identitiy & Experience)

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NAIROBI - KENYA  (24th - 28th March)
PAI (ILGA AFRICA) - presenting CALEM and GIN-SSOGIE with our sister organizations from Africa and MENA

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CAPE TOWN - SA  (29th May / 2nd June)  
International symposium and festival:
"Queer in Africa, confronting the crisis".

Learn more here (HUMA - UCT website)

RABAT - Morocco & PARIS - FR  (19th February & 5th May)  
Seminar at the EHESS: "What is a vulnerable Body" - presentation of imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed on the 5th of May.
More information here
In coordination with the same presentation at the EGE - Rabat, Morocco.
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BOSTON - Massachusetts  (21st - 26th April)

Series of conferences and seminars organized by the Francophone association at the Boston University, and then at the MIT (Massachusset Institute of Technology)

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ERLANG - DE  (2nd - 3rd May)
Conference at the Erlang University about "Islamic theologies of Liberation"
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MANNHEIM - DE  (4th May) 

Conference at the LGBT center

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MEXICO - South America  (late 2014)
ILGA WORLD faith preconference organizaed in collaboration with GIN-SSOGIE

Learn more soon, on ILGA's website

GENEVA - SW  (11th July)  
Our imame Ani Zonneveld from L.A. organized a side panel called "human rights and progressive Islam" at the United Nations.

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PARIS - France  (9th April)
Conference at the Science Po Univesrity with Imam Hashim Jansen from our sistyer organization Haardvuur Avond (Amsterdam), invited by MPF (French Progressive Muslims). 

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PARIS - France  (16th June)  
Conference on Islamic, Christian and Judaic feminisms  MPF (French Progressive Muslims) and COEXISTER Paris with our imame Ani Zonneveld. 

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PARIS - FR  (6th May)  
Conference at the franc-macon Grand-Orient de France

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PARIS - FR (19th June)  
Crossed perspectives on feminism and feminity in religions

Thanks to Coexister Paris, Musulmans Inclusif de France, CALEM (more here)

UPPSALA - Sweden (18th - 23rd May)  
Preparing the interfaith sessions of the 2015 Upsala festival, in collaboration with other faith based networks and thanks to the Church of Sweden

Learn more about the Church of Sweden here

CALEM 2014 internatioanl retreats - (Lebanon, September 2014)  
Detailled programs soon available inch'Allah

Learn more about our spiritual retreats here


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    CALEM  2014  |  Johannesburg,  
            21th - 27th January, launching the  "GIN-SSOGIE"

Thanks to our sponsors LLH, Church of Sweden, Arcus, OSISA...:

"We are very pleased and proud to announce the formal establishment of the Global Interfaith Network for People of all Sexes, Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions (GIN-SSOGIE) following our first annual conference, held in South Africa in January 2014.

The idea for a global network of activists engaged in faith work around issues of sex, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions germinated at the 2012 International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (ILGA) World Conference in Stockholm. GIN recognizes an urgent need to eradicate the religion-based violence, criminalization and persecution of our community..."

Read more in:

- English

- Spanish

- French

The importance of embodied experiences: To consider the embodied experiences of people of all sexes, sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions (now and in history) in all debates and policies regarding their lives, human rights and dignity... (read the entire article published by Group 2 after our 2014 Johannesburg conference)


Twitter: @ginssogie

Facebook: Global Interfaith Network


    CALEM  2014  |  Nairobi
            Interfaith pre-conference during the "ILGA-AFRICA"

Thanks to PAI:

Click here to learn more about PAI

"PAI, the largest federation of its kind in Africa is the African regional chapter of ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association which held its first world conference in Africa, in Johannesburg in 1999. In May 2007, activists gathered in South Africa's capital for the first regional conference of ILGA on the continent and decided to establish a regional federation of organizations working for human rights and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. Activists created and elected an 11-member interim board to govern the newly formed Pan Africa ILGA. Along the years, there has, however, been attrition of board members and in December 2012 in Stockholm, the biggest African delegation in the history of ILGA world conferences agreed to co-opt new representatives to help steer PAI to a regional conference. This group is known as the Interim Steering Committee..."

Several members of the GIN-SSOGIE Steering Committee presented during the interfaith preconference our network (available here).

Our brother G. from Ghana presented "Being LGBT in Ghana, stigma and discrimination" (available here).

Nasredine Errami (Steering Committee member of CALEM) and A. (from our sister organization Abu Nawas, Algeria) presented a talk about "Islamism and its impact on LGBT rights" (available here).

Our GIN Africa interfaith team was working on the ILGA Africa constitution in order to prepare the plenary
session and voting; we intrudoced, in collaboration with our sister organizations' representatives (Ingrid, Georrgina, A.) key terminology in the constitution such as "faith" and "religion".

Imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed also did a presentation
at the RSC, Thanks to our sister organization ORAM
(the only international NGO advising LGBT refugees)


    CALEM  2014  |  Boston (Massachusetts) - Starting a 3 weecks USA & Europe tour
            22nd of April - 10th of May

Thanks to the Association Francophone de Boston University (President Saiful Saleem and their partners: Prof. Cazenave Odile, Prof. Djamel Bekkai, Prof. Liliane Dusewoir)

    Followed by a seminar given by imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), thanks to Professor Lerna EkmekciogluMcMillan-Stewart Career Development (Assistant Professor of History).
    Also followed by several meeting with students and academics.

Video report of the Boston University conference, in French:


Video report of the Boston University conference, in English:


    Part of a North American and European tour, including in France at the EHESS (click here to learn more), after the same conference given at the EGE of Rabat (click here to learn more):


    But also in Germany (see below two examples of  conference's flyers in Manheim thanks to our sister NGO Plus;  and in Erlangen at the university institute of Theology (click here to learn more):



 CALEM  2014  |  Human rights and progressive Islam

Organized at the United Nations by our sister organization MPV

Our Imame Anitollah Zonneveld at the United Nations.


June 11, 2-3:30 pm, where Muslims for Progressive Values, British Muslims for Secular Democracy, Quilliam Foundation and Women Living Under Muslim Laws will be having a side panel discussion titled: Human Rights and Progressive Islam.

Followed by a seminar in Paris co-organized by CALEM about feminism and religions:


    CALEM  2014  |  
Queer in Africa  

Thanks to our sister organization Iranti

As part of Africa Month celebrations, the Institute for Humanities in Africa (Huma), University of Cape Town, is hosting Queer in Africa: Confronting the crisis, a symposium and festival from 29 May – 2 June 2014 .

The event includes an exhibition, discussions and performances addressing the current backlash against homosexuality on the African continent. It takes place at the Upper Campus of the University of Cape Town and at different venues in Cape Town.

Over the past few years anti-homosexual hatred and laws have spread across the continent. Most vocal in this anti-homosexuality crusade have been the presidents of Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia and the Gambia, while other governments, including those of Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon and Ethiopia, have expressed interest in following Nigeria and Uganda’s examples in adopting anti-homosexual laws. Queer in Africa: Confronting the crisis will contribute to debates on anti-homosexuality by unpacking the perpetuation of hatred and prejudice towards sexual and gender non-conforming people, with a view to fostering more critical dialogue and responses on being queer in Africa now.

Together with Iranti-org, a queer human rights visual media organisation, Huma will open the event with the Critically Queer exhibition and the book launch of Reclaiming Afrikan: Queer perspectives on sexual and gender identities. The exhibition opening and book launch showcase queer artists, activists and academics from Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa (...).

Contact: Dr Zethu Matebeni at Huma on 021 650 4592 / / 083 411 2661
Full programme available here

Huma is intended to create a dynamic interdisciplinary community and seeks to drive critical public debate, promoting UCT’s vision of itself as a civic university contributing to the making of democratic citizenship.

Released by HUMA (at UCT)


        CALEM  2014  |  
International retreats  

     1 - Lebanon September 2014
     2 - South Africa December 2014
     (Detailled programs available soon inch'Allah)

Thanks to CALEM coordinators (contact them here)

Dearest brothers and sisters,,

Many thanks for your interest concerning our CALEM 2014 retreats.
Programs will be addressed to you asap concerning the Lebanon one.

Concerning our retreat in December in South Africa,
It is gone be an inclusive retreat, everybody is more than welcome.

The Center we are about to open in Malmesbury Northern Cape Town is mainly dedicated to trainings and also helping refugees and vulnerable individuals.
Participants to the retreat will be welcomed in the same dorms than anyone else for free, sharing our everyday life; some more touristic activities will also be planned outside the Refuge.

A more detailed program will be sent to you as soon as possible (around August 2014 inch'Allah).
So far participants are coming from Europe; but anyway each participant has to buy the flight ticket alone.
On site costs will be minimum, depending on the extra activities (if we visit an animal reserve e.i., it is around 80/day).

Talk to you soon, salam.
Imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed.

PS: learn more about the Isiphephelo Center in South Africa here.
Learn more about imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed here.

Examples of our previous cultural trips:
- Interfaith and LGBT pilgrimage to Jerusalem 2011
- Inclusive Umrah 20
- Moroccan sacred music 2013

Any further questions - or +2761 252 4489


    CALEM  2014  |  
Cape Town (Malmesurby),  
            17th May, starting building our  "Rumi's Isiphephelo"
            (between the International day against homophobia; fisrt days of
                the holy month of Sha'ban, just in time for our holy Ramadhan
                    2014 inch'Allah)

Thanks to our sister organizations elaborating this project,

since our main 2012 annual colloquium:

Our project is to build the first international, Inclusive, self-sustainable Muslims’ center (an inclusive mosque, a refugees’ shelter & a progressive imam-es training institute) in South Africa – called CALEM Rumi’s Isiphephelo. The motto of this center is to promote empowerment, learning, sharing and freedom. It will provide refuge for healing from persecution trauma, welcome and train vulnerable individuals, in order to participate to their emancipation, especially LGBT from a Muslim background, with a priority for those coming from Middle East and Africa, thrown out of their home and/or community and/or country because of their sexual orientation; but also welcoming and training HIV positive individuals and women from a Muslim background, in need of support, discriminated because of their HIV status or gender identity.



Tel:  +27-61-252-4489