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CALEM | 2012   publications

    CALEM  2012  |  Programs & Timetables

PARIS  main international Colloquium  (click here)

AMSTERDAM conference WE ARE FREE colloquium

GENEVA  conference  (click here)

ISTANBUL  &  ANKARA  seminars  (click here)

NEW-YORK  seminar at the Manhattan College (here)

LAUSANNE  conference  (click here)

religions pre-conference

(Three days of dhikr and meditations during August
2012 in Marseille - questions and registration for the
next CALEM spiritual retreat by email:


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 CALEM  International  Inclusive  Muslim
        MAIN  2012  COLLOQUIUM  

& opened to all Spiritual Retreat
17th to 19th November 2012

This year again CALEM main colloquium gathered and trained dozens of activists, intellectuals and citizens from 
over 20 nationalities and from all over the world
(Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia)...

Minutes of Silence in the name of beloved absents thanks to
Ani Zonneveld, Emilie Garçon, Abdallah Rawashda

A special thought for our brothers and sisters from the Arab world that
did not get their visas or were not able to be with us for other reasons...

We enjoyed particularly our monring prayers, meditation,
dhikr and spiritual songs all together in small group

Workshops were very interactive & participative this year thanks
to three international facilitators like Pier Cesare Notaro from MOI

We also enjoyed the saturday evening spiritual dance show,
and the sunday evening theater play!

Progressive, inclusive Islam, lesbianism and transidentity

Aim: Development of a non-formal, interactive participation of LGBT youth, especially lesbians and transgenders from a Muslim background, developing new representations between

citizenship,    Islam, double discrimination.

For the third consecutive year, an International Inclusive Conference was organized this year in Paris late November, with LGBT, European or Muslim organizations; seminars, trainings and workhshops were given by experts from around the world (it was the 11th CALEM international gathering)

 Main Guests / Program:

- Ani Zoneveld from MPV -  USA
- Nevin Oztöp from KAOS - Turkey
- Abdennur Prado from ICIF - Spain
- Nasreen Amina from Argentina
- Amina Wadud, our imam from California

And other members of  INIMuslim (international networking program to sustain inclusive Muslims) and several other
great intellectuals activists and 
citizens from
France, Europe and around the world.

Complete program, click here

CALEM / INIMuslim 2012 Manifesto:

Misogyny, homophobia or transphobia:

Why “progressive” Muslims are not all inclusive

Manifesto full text is available here


NOTA BENE - This year thanks to the financial sponsorship of the European Council's fund for youth, several European young activists were able to ask for a financial help to attend the conference (preferentially Women or Transgender or Intersex individuals under 30 yo).

Please find below videos of the main presentations:


Ani Zonneveld - MPV USA president


Laura Rodriguez Quiroga - Torre de Babel


Abdennur Prado - Islamic Feminism Congress


Nevin Öztop - KAOS GL


Azzah - Transgender Muslims (CALEM)


Nasreen Ameena - South American Progressive Muslims


Denis Lefevre - Fédération LGBT de France


Kristi Pinderi - LGBT pro Albania


Biljana Stankovic - Novi Sad Lesbian organization


Dan Littauer - GayMiddleEast and GayStarNews


Emir Belatoui - Secret Garden


Arab Muslim LGBT - interactive workshop
facilitated by Pav Akhtar (UK Black pride)


HIV / AIDS workshop - Qiyaam Jantjies-Zahed
& Azzah Dinah Jennah De Riquet (CALEM).

A workshop organized in collaboration with our AIDS Children sister organization TDMES 
(member of CALEM since 2010)


A part of our CALEM's team for the Main Paris 2012 colloquium

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    CALEM  2012  |  
            presenting  INIMuslim  network

Secret Garden  from Amsterdam invited us:

Imam Ludovic Zahed, founder and spokesman of HM2F (Homosexual Muslims's citizen netwokr of France); international coordinator of CALEM. He presented present in avant-première the Green Book  and  the INIMuslim network, to sustain the creation of a sister organization of HM2F in the Netherlands.

Emir Belatoui, founder of the organization Secret Garden, sustaining the creation of an independant inclusive Muslim organization in the Netherlands.

Young Inclusive Muslims, sustaining the creation of an inclusive Muslim groups in the Netherland

We were around 30 participants for the CALEM Amsterdam conference; Several nationalities were represented at that meeting (Netherlands, France, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Algeria...). It has been decided to maintain from now on once a week a meeting like this in Amsterdam, to permit LGBT Muslims or from a Muslim background in Netherlands to have a free expression space at their disposal, every wednesday evening.


CALEM's Green Book and the French book "Le Coran et la Chair"
are also presented at the three days colloquium organized
by Secret Garden (27th-30th November 2012)
 in Amsterdam  WE  ARE  FREE
(click here for the program)

Presenting in Amsterdam also the French
book entitled 
"Le Coran et la chair"

(The Qur'an and the flesh - March 2012.
Soon to be published in English inch'Allah)


Le Monde - "Pour l'amour de Dieu et des garçons"

TÊTU - "Le Coran et la Chair" aux Mots à la Bouche"

Il Grande Colibrio, MOI - "Il Corano e la Carne"

FRANCE 24 - "Concilier Islam et homosexualité"

القرآن والجنس"  -  24 فرانس"


Interview of Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed on the Radio Monte-Carlo, about this book
(click below):

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     CALEM  2012  |  Geneva,
            international,  interconfessional  conference

Interorganizational conference, opened to all,
on the 20th of April 2012,
at the Dialogai center.

Flyers:   click here [1]     and here [2]

About 50 participants, and 4 main guests:

Imam Ludovic Zahed, founder and spokesman of HM2F (Homosexual Muslims's citizen netwokr of France); international coordinator of CALEM. 
Awarded from l'
Ecole Normale Supérieur in cognitive sciences; undertaking a PhD. in Anthropology of the religious fact, about Islam and Homosexuality at the EHESS.
He shall present in première the Green Book against homophobia and for an Inclusive Islam. 

Petra Bleisch Bouzar, assistant professor in Religious sciences; University of Fribourg. Thesis : The Construction of Female Leadership and Religious Authority in Swiss Muslim Women's Associations.

Lucia Dahlab, teacher, Muslim feminist; vice-president of the Union of Muslim organizations in Geneva.

Jean-Paul Guisan, theologian, founder of the LGBT Christian association of Geneva; de l'association "Chrétien-ne-s et homosexuel-le-s", City Hall councilor of Geneva.

Learn more, here on the website of our partner Dialogai.

Presenting in Geneva also the
"Green Book"
against homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia"

"Green Book - Tome III "

(Against homophobia, for an Inclusive Islam.
Available online for free - please click here)



20 minutes - "Dialogai s'interroge sur l'islam"

360° - "Homosexualité et islam, 
l'impossible choix ?

REISO - "Non, l'islam n'est pas 
homophobe par essence

La Tribune de Genève -  "Comment concilier islam et homosexualité(picture of the article here)

Video of the CALEM Geneva conference 
(click below):



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    CALEM  2012  |  Istanbul & Ankara
          University  international  seminar

KAOS & Lambda invited our representative in Ankara, then Istanbul


Homosexual and Muslim-Liberation and Secularism Between Islamophobia and Homophobia  (click here for the PPT presentation).
Ludovic Lotfi Mohamed Zahed, HM2F | Gay Muslims & CALEM
Moderator: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Alev Özkazanç, Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science,
Department of Women Studies & KASAUM (Ankara University Women’s Studies Center)

LGBT Struggles in Arabian Geography
Dr. Samar Habib, Independent Scholar, Academician, Lebanon
Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Betül Yarar, Gazi University Faculty of Communication & Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science, Department of Women Studies

The only difference between Queer and LGBT
is not alphabetic letters
Anna Maria Sörberg, Author and Journalist, Sweden
Moderator: Assist. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Emek Çaylı, Hacettepe University Faculty of Communication

We have been joined in Istanbul's Lambda session by our inclusive Muyslim brothers from Gayislam.

Read more about the KAOS complete program:
in English here
in Turkish here

Read more about the Lambda complete program here.

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    CALEM 2012  |  New-York
Presentation  CALEM at the Mnahttan college (thansk to MPV)

1. Women's Shura Council: Daisy Khan of Asma Society

2. Performance by "Coming Out Muslim".

3. Liberating the Palm Trees: A Progressive Muslim teacher’s guide to teenage Angst, Rebellion, and even Atheism. By Yarehk Hernandez

4. What is Religion? Spirituality talk by Sultan Abdulhameed

5. Picnic to Ground Zero Memorial Park and a collective quiet prayer.

6. The similarities between Islamophobia and Homophobia: Imam Daayiee Abdullah:

7. HIV & Islamic Ethics - Kamal Fizazi

8. French and European progressive and/or insclusive Muslims - L.Zahed

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    CALEM 2012  |  Lausanne

On the 1st of October 2012 - Thanks to our partner VOGAY.

More information (in French) available by clicking here

At this CALEM conference we were about 50;

We beneficiated of an article in the local newspaper 24 HEURES.


Here is a short report of what our main guests told us about their expertise:


Mallory Schneuwly Purdie is in charge of researches at the Observatory of religions in Switzerland. Her lecture was about three main subjects:

1 - What is normativity in regards to normality? Texts are a passage from oral tradition, from informality to the formality of normative written scriptures; beware of contextualization! We have to be careful not to pass from normativity (“oughts”) to normality (social norm imposed by the majority), and thus shall then be considered, wrongly, as “abnormal” or “unnatural” behaviors.

2 - Discriminations that add up, do they make things more difficult for individuals that suffer? But do they also allow avant-garde and reform of the social order towards more equality?

3 - Men are destabilized in their gender identity since the second world war, due to a "usurpation" of their identity by women that now could work and be independent; therefore with a shift in the social hierarchy that today target preferentially "homosexual", but also "the” Muslim , “the” black men, etc.

Nicolas Charrière
is the reformed chaplain of La Tuilière prison in Lonay near Morges. He told us about his commitment, within the Switzerland protestant church, toward equality, and we talked all together about the fact that:

1 - The three monotheistic religions are wary of those who think they know who God is! Yet each has a trend to appropriate God, these days, especially by excluding minorities from what Muslims call the "Tawheed" - unity of our humanity.

2 - Not to mention thousands of possible Qur’anic interpretations done by the first Sufis. The experience of God, is the meeting of two individuality and is never the same: depending on the believer who comes into contact with God.

3 - Contextualized representations of the era did not have much to do with the social representations of today! Ex: if you say to a man 4000 years ago "I sent you an email to give you an appointment to the office, to have lunch together at McDonald’s". It would be incomprehensible for him! Because he does not know what "email", "office" or "McDonalds" mean.

4 - Finally, today the Protestant synod council of Vaud (region of Lausanne, Switzerland) has voted favorably to explore more precisely how to open blessings to same-sex marriages! Changes in religion come generally from minorities of men and women who have a revolutionary vision of their era, rather than powerful and "normal" people.


NB: Nicola Charrière wrote a report to encourage his fellow reformed chaplains to celebrate same sex marriages within the Switzerland protestant Church, that is planning a special synod about that specific issue late November.


Download here the report towards an inclusive liturgy celebrating same sex marriages.

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    CALEM 2012  |  STOCKHOLM

We coorganisons a week of workshops and debates about religion and diversity of genders and sexualities,
with the participation of CALEM and 15 main guests coming from Southern countries: Tunisia, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya...
More information about it online -
Or by email -

During the conference, on friday, a Jumu'aa prayer has been celebrated by imams Muhsinh Hendricks and imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed; then the documentary about the Tawheed Umrah'  (click here for the travel blog) has been spread to an audience of more than 50 participants (more than a forth of the total of ILGA 2012 participants):