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CALEM  2011  |  Paris

Amina Wadud:

Seminar about Tawhid and inclusivity ; For a summary example of her work about Patriarchy, click here.

Consult also an article about Amina Wadud's hermeuneutics, by David L. Johnston (2009)

A seminar organized in collaboration with the EHESS

Flyer of the conference

CALEM  2011  |  Lisbon

Ludovic Lotfi Mohamed Zahed:

Secularism, a double chance against double discrimination

(cliquez ici pour la version français)

Nina Clara Tiesler:

Islam in Portuguese-speaking areas: Historical accounts, (post)colonial conditions and current debates

L'islam dans les espaces lusophones: récits historiques, conditions (post)coloniales et débats actuels

A seminar organized in collaboration with ILGA Portugal

Flyer of the seminar

CALEM  2011  |  Brussels

A conference that focused on empowerment of LGBT individuals concerned (For an overview of the conference,here)

Abdennur Prado: 

Por la inclusión de los homosexuales musulmanes

Laure Rodriguez Quiroga:

Homosexualité féminine et lesbophobie musulmane

Homosexualidad femenina y lesbofobia musulmana

CALEM  2011  |  Madrid

FELGTB & HM2F common publication:
Pioneers concerning Islam and LGBT reality in Spain

Manuel Rodenas:

Estudio Sociológico y Jurídico sobre Homosexualidad y Mundo Islámico

And press articles:

La homosexualidad no existe en ninguna parte del Coran

Los gays musulmanes de la UE reivindican sus derechos

Para el gay musulman, el armario tiene siete llaves

A seminar organized in collaboration with the Spanish FELGTB

2011videos (English, French or Spanish


Amina Wadud seminar at the EHESS of Paris

(English & French)










Ad hoc transcription report


Amina Wadud CALEM seminar in Brussels

"Religion, an inhibiting factor or catalyst for emancipation"




Interview of L.Zahed before the seminar, 

about queer inclusive Muslims in 

Europe and elsewhere




The CALEM 2011 seminar in Madrid 

(soon avalable inch'Allah)


Aurelio from the FELGTB, 

Manuel Rodenas, Brian Christinakis & L.Zahed





For the second consecutive year, our citizen network HM2F had the honor to coordonate the organization of the Conference of associations LGBT, European or Muslim. CALEM in Arabic, is the tool we use to learn and write our own destiny. Knowledge and cooperation are the tools we use to make us free human beings. This year we had the honor to welcome almost 250 participants in four different European countires, which gives CALEM - and our fights for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual) human rights - a modest continental dimension; AlhamdouliAllah.  As an inclusive conference, CALEM's seminars were opened to all. We ensured that fact as far as possible. 
In Paris we welcomed almost 100 participants for the presentation of Amina Wadud, thanks to the EHESS that accepted exceptionnaly to work with an activist confederation. In Bruxelles we were pleased this year to offer empowering trainings for individuals and workshops for professionnals; In Madrid we beneficiated a great media interest (especially from the national TV channel Sexta), in a country where religious conservatism is an issue; In Lisbon we were honored to exchange information and ideas with professional human rights activists and volunteers that have to deal with a small and new
Muslim community in Portugal.

"And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops ; but give glad tidings to the steadfast. Who say , when a misfortune striketh them : Lo! we are Allah's and Lo! unto Him we are returning. Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided."
(Qur'an: 2.155-157)

CALEM 2011 was a success, despite all the difficulties inherent in such an undertaking. Calem held this year a major continental conference, thanks to high quality guests, with seminars in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, in collaboration with organizations such as the ILGA Portugal, the Spanish federationFELGTB ,  the city of Brussels, the region of Brussels, the Flemish commission of Brussels, of the Flemish community (Vlaamse Gemeenschap), of Madame Milquet - Vice-Prime minister and Minister of employment and chances equality, in charge of the migration and asylum politic, of the city of Brussels, of the region of Brussels-capital, of the EHESS (School of High Studies in Social Science - and also of the IISMMENSCEIFR, IREMAM), the Spanish Islamic council Junta Islamica, the union of Muslim women UMME & the inclusive Muslim network INIMuslim.