Homosexuality & Islam - videos in English

                                               زيارة موقعنا الجديد 




Gay Rights in the Arab World 


Gay Community in Lebanon and the Arab World 


Homosexuality conference in Beirut, Lebanon 


A 16 Year Old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police (1 of 6)

What is homosexuality (Russian subtitles)

A Jihad for Love (part 1)

Irshad Manji

Unveiling Queer Muslim Lives

Gay pastor meets gay imam in South Africa

Radical imam tells gay imam he should be killed

Kuwaiti islamist: homosexuals should be tortured...?

Gay Muslim - UK (part 1 of 6)

Imam Daayiee Abdullah - "How he came to Islam..." - Part 1

Gay Palestinians

TIC - the inner circle, South Africa based NGO - the only international inclusive Muslim organization

Pr. Siraj A.H. Kugle at the AIR 2010 about IUslam and homosexuality

Moulana Muhsin Hendricks at the
CALEM | 2010 - Conference of the Associations LGBTQIA, European and Muslim



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