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For instance our 2011 timetable: Inclusive  common  activities

                  1 / It should be noted that this year again, we shall emphasize the expression of transgender individuals, which in our communities have great difficulty finding their place. We shall encourage them again this year again to seek self-definition of identity on their own, however always with unconditional respect for human sexual and gender diversity.

                2 / In addition, the organizing committee of the conference shall adopt the Manifesto of this year as a basis for a common ethic to our network now being consolidated. We could also think of the best way – after the conference – to elect a representative council (for instance: CALEM conference coordinator, moderator for the conference, delegates from the Arab world, to the transgender issue, one deleguate for communication, research and publications, translations, trainings, legal support, treasurer, and so on). All of our associations are founding members of our emerging network*.


                     3 / We are also looking forward in the next month to begin to work together regularly on several projects:

-              Publish a quarterly newsletter (national and international news related to inclusive and LGBTQIA Muslims’ issues; report of our respective activities; articles, publications, statements). Like some of us are already doing it.

-              White Book, for the 17th of may – International day against homophobia, transphobia -, with theoretical chapters and personal testimonies of inclusive Muslims, but also drawings or cartoons illustrating inclusivity, Tawhid and unconditional Love of human diversity. Like some of us are already doing it, but now on a more collaborative level).

-              Common activity for the 1st of December – world AIDS day, against serophobia. (like some of us already did on the last 1st December of 2011).


                4 /  We also have to plan together at CALEM a cultural journey for peace, self-esteem and personal growth in June 2012, like some French organizations already planned it for November 2011 in Israel and Palestine); to permit our members to reconnect to the core and the origin of their traditional background, so they could return as more balanced citizens that would better integrate into societies that they fully belong to.

                5 / Dozens of inclusive, progressive, LGBTQIA Muslims and professionals trained through our conferences and workshops; indirectly, thousands of contacts informed about our actions. CALEM shall also reinforce our organization's inner dynamics.


                6 / The opening of a youtube channel to collect all videos and testimonies related to inclusive Muslims’ issues and inclusivity within Islam.


                7  /  A detailed report of our conferences, easy to put online.

CALEM  -  long term perspectives

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