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(archives below)

  • 2010, OCT  9-th   -  saturday 

Morning arrivals -


- 4.PM -

ADRESS - LGBT center
(63 rue Beaubourg, metro Rambuteau)

Questions | Answers & buffet - with queer Muslim and transidentitary sisters and brothers, talking to imam Moulana Mushin HendricksDaayee Abdullah

- 5.30.PM -

ADRESS – Mairie du 3ème arrondissement
(2 rue Eugène Spuller – 5 blocks from the LBGT center)

Public plenary conference – Queer Muslims in the world
. Organizations and special guests presentations
. HM2F proposals - CALEM & The Inner Circle long term strategy

  • OCT 10-th   -   sunday

ADRESS - 61 bis quai de la Seine,
métro Ricquet
(salle 5 – CFILC, école de langue)

- 9.30.AM -

"A queer Muslim theology - Liberation from infrahumanization" - Ludovic Lotfi Mohamed Zahed - spokesman & founder of HM2F ; and Azzah H.B. honoring us with her presence, coming from Amsterdam.

- 10.30.AM -

"Leaving ones life in peace " - Daayiee Abdullah -  TIC adviser, signatory of the dignity declaration - Religious Institute


- 1.30.PM -

"Queer Muslims: living in Peace" -  imam Moulana Muhsin Hendricks and Reidwaan - The Inner Circle board members, organizers for almost 15 years of the AIR

- 17h00 -

"Global queer Muslim strategy" - working together for Peace and human rights; HM2F and its sister organizations, from Europe and elsewhere.

This year  CALEM   TIMETABLE ?  Click here

The CALEM 2010 conference took place in one of the most beautiful neighborhood in Paris.  (archives below)

calem  2010  Manifesto  (archives below)

        The CALEM | 2010 conference shall the beggining of our cooperation. It shall end with a common declaration. We worked on a short, clear, consensual, easy to circulate Manifesto. that version is only a proposal. All your proposals shall be received and discussed in a democratic way.
        Not all the organizations present at the CALEM | 2010 confernece will have to sign that declaration. Only those who want to take part at the mailing lobby after the CALEM will have to. Each organization ought to stay free.

        " We are respectable members of the community. We do not live in autarky but we live amongst Muslim populations everywhere; we pray in your mosque and accomplish Hajj side by side with you. We are demanding for respect and inclusion, as exemplified by the Prophet's sunnah . We are not asking for special rights; we are asking for our Muslim brothers and sisters to respect our basic human rights.      

           Thus today we, progressive queer Muslim organizations, agreed on the fact that we need an international confederation to defend our rights and our human dignity " ...

(A first version of that Manifesto has been addressed by HM2F to TIC on the 13th of April 2010; we have been working together on it. A complete version of the Manifesto proposal is available here).
  • CAlem  |  2010  program  (archives)
    Our common strategy has to be built on trust and transparency.
  • Make sure to read carefully this program: any question, any proposal concerning the Manifesto or the organization of a queer Muslim conference? 
  • Please make sure to send us your proposals if you have any.
  • send  us  your  proposals