The CALEM is available to assist you in your citizen or academic endeavors.
CALEM is based in France (Marseille).

Our trainings, counselling or publications could be presented in your offices
& can be elaborated in English, French or Arabic.



Empowering students, partners and customers in their process of acquiring expertise, in terms of appropriation and transmission, based on:

  • Acquire intersectional academic knowledge (theoretical contributions, case studies, field dynamic participation in France, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and elsewhere in the world)
  • The development of ecological reflective capacities, in collaboration with all clients / participants to be empowered (reproducible skills)
  • The awareness of contemporary issues at the heart of social dynamics, in connection with social cohesion, and a secular representation of the public sphere

  • Developing the paradigm of a holistic approach (Neuro-Psychosocial-Theology)

Our CALEM 2024 Manifesto online here (in French)

Our activities could be realized at your place, in your building,
or at our CALEM Institute (France, Marseille - 13003).
Meeting room

Psychospiritual counseling

Research & publishing office
CALEM Inclusive Mosque & Library

Agenda of the CALEM Institute (Marseille) and the CALEM Cabinet (international).
For our latest publications, please consult the page dedicated to the CALEM Publishing here.