AOZIZ est un réseau que nous souhaitons ouvert pour lutter contre l'exclusion sociale dans le secteur culturel. Cette structure créera les conditions d'une plus grande diversité dans le secteur.

Notre réseau recherche un-e volontaire pour nos demandes de subvention en ce qui concerne l'hébergement des réfugié-es LGBT+ depuis Marseille. Avez-vous une expertise en demande de subvention ? Merci de nous adresser votre candidature à ou


Our network is looking for a volunteer concerning fundraising proposals around LGBT+ refugees shelter in Marseille and African countries. Do you have any expertise in fundraising submission? Please address us your candidature to or

AOZIZ is a network of inclusive houses founded by two live performance companies based in Marseille, L’Autre Maison and Arthalie, as well as a humanities research organization, the CALEM Institute.

With a particular capacity to work with mixed groups of disabled and non-disabled people, discriminated minorities or migrant people, body, arts and intersectionality practices are at the heart of the AOZIZ project. Our aim is to stimulate new intercultural encounters, and thus, create a meeting point for diversity and the creation of alternative ways of being together.

To do so, AOZIZ will host a varied program of courses, workshops, conferences and residencies inviting artists and audiences to deepen their research and exchange their ideas.


AOZIZ presented at Manifesta 13 Marseille (despite the issues we had to face), which wished to highlight this local initiative, opened to all. Our network will also be present during Pride Marseille 2020, along with associations of migrants, health prevention ngos and those fighting against all discriminations.

AOZIZ will be a space of embodied meetings, which will extend its activities permanently. He takes the language of inclusion and makes it exist in bodies. It is a place centered on a practice focused on the bonds between people. It makes no judgment on what ideal bodies should be, but rather cultivates the aesthetic based on relationships.

Ultimately, AOZIZ plans to open, in Marseille, a privileged place for our inclusive and intersectional initiatives.

Nos principales interventions culturelles et solidaires en 2020 :

Nous avons organisé ainsi diverses activités en juin et juillet 2021,
en collaboration avec la Pride Marseille et le Festival de Marseille :