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daayiee  abdullah  bio



            Daayiee Abdullah, one of two openly gay Imams, a linguist of Chinese and Arabic Languages and Literatures, a specialist in MENAS in comparative legal systems, Shari'ah Sciences/ Quranic Interpretation, and former public interest lawyer.  Lived in several Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Southeast Asian Muslim countries.  Works include: A Homosexual Positive Interpretation of the Lut Story in the Holy Quran; The Need for Homosexual Marriage in Islam; and Homosexual Caricatures in the Holy Quran, Arab and Islamic Literatures.  Past 10 years, Moderator for Muslim Gay Men Discussion Group (1500 members worldwide).


                   Norway: A subject in Nefise Lorentzen’s ‘Gender Me’ on Islam and Homosexuality (2008).  A consultant for Muslim Advocacy Initiative (MAI), The Inner Circle of South Africa (TIC), and works with Skeiv Verden (SV) providing religious counseling for Norwegian Muslim immigrants in curtailing Muslim-on-Muslim forced marriages, honor killings, and physical assaults on non-Muslim gays and lesbians.  Currently writing a question and answer book for Gay Muslims and Islamic Theological Thought in 2011 by Oracle Press.